About Ukrainian Pet Association Worldwide

At the initiative of Animal ID, Dogs Trust Worldwide and Four Paws International, it was decided to create a single resource that visualizes all needs and requests from shelters and organizations that care for or help animals, and on the other hand - provides reporting to donor organizations and provides a separate help center that can receive and process all requests.

As part of the 'Tailed Hostages of War' campaign, initiated by Oksana Koshak (ex-director of LKP 'Lev') and Olga Kirilovich (Dog-Friendly City), most Ukrainian animal protection organizations were united together with the Animal ID team. It was decided to join forces and develop tools to help all animals in Ukraine under the auspices of 'Tailed' hostages of war

If you want to join the team of volunteers or have other questions, contact us tailedhostages@gmail.com

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